Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Kimbell

Here are more pictures from the same trip to the Kimbell Art Museum. I love this statue in the open air eating area. She is so relaxing to look at. Great food there too, although it can not compare to the food at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. I had one of the best meals of my life there!

This is a picture of the open air eating area, that has a tree growing in the middle. It is so pretty. Not so good when it is raining, but lovely otherwise.

When we went to the museums, we took the train from town, to Fort Worth, then a city bus to the museums. At the Train station there are these amazing sort of bas-reliefs, on the wall outside. They are just gorgeous, and full of wonderful history!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Zipper Mural

This has to be one of my favorite murals of all time. Although, to be honest, I really like most murals I see.

This is in Fort Worth, somewhere... It was taken from the bus window on the way to the Kimbell Art Museum.

I can not tell yo
u where exactly, I do not know the area well enough.

I just love it! I want to reach out and unzip more of it. I think the artist did such a great job, it is so real, and it leaves you wanting more, but does not leave you frustrated.

I wish it was possible to get a picture of it minus all of the cars and the fence. Problem is, the cars are parked right up against the side of the building, so no go.

Power Outage Woes

Boy do you miss electricity when you do not have it! The long absence of new posts was due to lack of power. We had a big storm that felled a very big tree that took three utility polls with it. We had no power for two days, and it was hot!

The poor kitties do not enjoy power outages. I am not sure why they find it so upsetting, but it discombobulates them all. One day I had all of them piled on my bed at once. That is a large kitty pile! And I have got to say, it did not make the heat factor any easier to bear!

We are back in business now, and I am really enjoying electricity, with conservation in mind, of course.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Dad Pages!

I love this spread that my father did in our joint journal. I get a kick out of the actual train tracks on the page, every time I look at it. Plus he talks about ancient history, which I love to hear about. On the left is a picture of my Dad with Uncle Richard, his best friend, and he talks about their trip to the Amazon.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eagle Feather Amulet Bag Journal Page

For Father's Day a few years ago, I made my father an amulet bag with an eagle feather on it. I thought he might like to see the process of it being created, so I journaled about it, in our journal. I had kept all of my research printouts so I used them, and I photocopied the charts I made for it, and documented all of the minutia that went into it, like thread, and number of beads, and so forth. For a picture of the finished piece, front and back, go to, or just click on the link.

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