Thursday, June 18, 2009

My cousin recommended a site to me called Colour Lovers. It is so amazing. It is basically a social networking site, but with a twist. You get to make art on it. It is all about color, color palettes and making patterns with those palettes. It is really addicting, so you are warned!

This is my favorite palette I have made to date. Just something about it. IndianGrasses
It was made with one of CL's "advanced" palette making tools. It pulls photos from places like flickr and user added photos from the web as well, and lets you grab colors off of them. It is called PHOTOCOPA, it's sister tool is COPASO pro Palette Tool, where you can use photos off of your computer that it will pixillate for you.
This is a palette I made in COPASO. pSmoothly

Here are a couple that I made using my own photos. This was called Weathered Monument and this is the photo that inspired it. It was a wonderful monument in the parking lot at a Lighthouse my Aunt took me to see in Oregon.
I love the colors in it. Really great.

This I called Bricks, and was inspired by the wonderfully vibrant bricks and art, at the Fort Worth train station. I love the pink stripe. Fun thing about using
the "advanced" palette tools at CL is that you can play with the widths of the colors you are using. A palette looks very different when the weight of the colors is all equal. Here is Bricks with equal widths. Not the same effect at all. In fact it looks really wrong like that. It throws the balance off to allow all of the colors to have equal weight.

Here is one made with out using widths effects, that was designed that way using CL's regular palette making tool. It is called Olives in a Dish. All of the colors, are colors I made, that are named after different kinds of olives. It works well with equal widths.

Anyway, check out . It really is fun, and addictive. Next time I will post some of my patterns that I have made and a few of my favorite colors.

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