Monday, June 9, 2008

Ren Faire

Another spread from one of my journals, this journal is my "Journal the Journey" journal.

I know, I just can't seem to stop naming them.

The second view is to show you the right side, with the altered business cards flipped. I just love going to the Ren Faire. The one here is not as good as the one in Southern California that I used to go to, but it is still SO much fun.

The little red and white guy I drew, is this wonderful little doll I got there. He was part of a collection called the Roly Poly Dolls. I just fell in love! He sits with my collection of other oddities. He was made by a wonderful Doll artist, Kandra, of Wee Peeple, Dolls by Kandra (click for a link to her). Visit her site, she is cool!

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